Art is something I have enjoyed, appreciated, and been curious about,  all my life.  Today, as an artist, I am presently motivated by abstract expressionism, mixed media, and influenced by my training in Art Therapy. 

Much of my inspiration is derived from a trigger:  a feeling,  a single word, a photo, even a walk in the spring. After many scribbles and many doodles, I begin. With energetic, impulsive and gestural brush strokes, ink, charcoal and papers, the inspiration becomes much less important.  The process of painting takes over. 

I often begin with a quick drawing, done in a continuous line with charcoal in order to give the painting its structure. Then, sweeping strokes of acrylic paint are applied generously, almost spontaneously, as I begin my process of building, responding, deconstructing, and rebuilding the piece.

There is a certain level of conversation one has to have with a painting to identify when to stop. After much trial, error and retrial, often the piece will communicate to me a sense of wholeness and unity. This moment often comes as a surprise.

As an Art Therapist, I am insightful as to what my work is communicating to me, which is especially gratifying because it helps me identify my inner thoughts as they make their way to the canvas. Putting my truest self into my work enables me to create something that is authentic and emotionally charged. It is me.

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